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Speciality Ceilings for Commercial and Public Buildings

The Dupont ceiling system is one of the most popular ceiling solutions for department stores, offices, and large healthcare and educational buildings. Dupont can supply and install some of the industry’s most innovative specialty ceilings and accent systems.

The Dupont ceiling system offers many great advantages.


The positive acoustics influence is one of the main technical functions of a ceiling. The acoustics have a significant impact on comfort.

  • Improved Fringe Effect – This stops noise from being received from all directions, making it easier for the listener to focus on what’s important.
  • Speech Intelligibility - This improves how well speech can be heard and understood within a room. The reverberation time is a key factor that influences speech.

Depending on the scenario, short reverberation times can improve speech intelligibility.

Additional Advantages

  • Grid lights can be installed instead of ceiling panels.
  • Lights and electrical wiring are easily accessible.
  • Panels can also be replaced by inspection flaps or for ventilation.


Ceilings significantly shape the atmosphere in a room. Ceilings affect acoustics, climate, design, and lighting. Throughout history, beautifully finished spaces, like museums and castles, the ceiling has always represented meticulously engineered architecture. Designs embeded in wood panelling, artistic frescoes, or decorative plasterwork.


The effects of a fire could be devastating in schools, retirement homes or hospitals. Our commercial products have additional safety features to keep students and members of the public safe.

Why Dupont

We are experts in installing speciality ceilings. We have pedigree and references in many commercial spaces around Winnipeg.

  • Respect and care for our customer's time.
  • High production speed.
  • ECO Friendly.
  • A perfectly smooth surface.
  • Quick installation of a false ceiling.
  • Fire safety.
  • A wide range of products.
  • Unlimited design possibilities.
  • Cost efficient heating.
  • Sound insulation/low noise.
  • Functionality.
  • Aesthetics.